miércoles, diciembre 21, 2011

Important notice for gvSIG users

Here is an email that I am going to send to the gvSIG mailing lists:

SEXTANTE and gvSIG CE teams have decided to unite forces and will be, from now on, sharing their development policies and strategies, along with some elements of their web platform (we were already using their bug tracker). Our mailing lists and SVN repository have changed, and you can check the details in our website (sextantegis.com).

This mail is to clarify how this afects SEXTANTE users and, more specifically, how future SEXTANTE releases (starting with v1.0, which will be released in a few days) will be integrated in both gvSIG CE and the official gvSIG distributions. Users of other GIS's should not worry about this. Although we will now share elements of the gvSIG CE platform, we will keep on working for other applications using SEXTANTE as we've been doing until now, and we will not abandon them.

The following points clarify the main ideas of the SEXTANTE project regarding gvSIG

-We strive to have SEXTANTE running on a large number of platforms in a robust and stable manner. Although gvSIG has been our prefered platform until now, we've found many problems in both the technical and organizational parts of the gvSIG project. This is the main reason why we are supporting the gvSIG CE project, as a better alternative for SEXTANTE users.

-Instead of keeping different versions of SEXTANTE for gvSIG and gvSIG CE, there will be only one. However, when running on the official gvSIG, some of its features will not be available, since they need some improvements made in the gvSIG CE version, which are not included in the official version. The current available gvSIG CE version is a Technical Preview and does not incorporate all those changes, but they will be included in the final stable version. As of today, there is no difference in running SEXTANTE from gvSIG CE or the official gvSIG, but changes will be important once the stable version of gvSIG CE is released. Advanced users using the current gvSIG CE SVN code can already try them.

-As it was announced in the 7th gvSIG conference this month, the gvSIG project has decided to create its own geoprocessing platform, replacing SEXTANTE. It's likely to be heavily based on SEXTANTE (it is a fork of it), but it is not the official SEXTANTE platform, so it might not include the latest changes made in SEXTANTE. We will, however, release official SEXTANTE versions specifically targeted at gvSIG users, which will be easy to install, since they will use the new gvSIG add-ons manager. SEXTANTE users will be able to install official SEXTANTE releases in gvSIG, just installing the corresponding packages that we will publish in our website. (In other words...do not worry, you will still have the good old SEXTANTE to use with whatever gvSIG version you prefer)

-Overall, we recommend all gvSIG users who use SEXTANTE to switch to gvSIG CE (once again, we're talking about the yet-to-be-released stable version, so is not an important issue right now) as a better alternative regarding SEXTANTE integration. Other features not related to SEXTANTE are, in our experience, also more reliable than those in the official version.

Thanks once again for using SEXTANTE, and we hope you enjoy our new release and keep on using SEXTANTE for your spatial analysis in gvSIG.


Victor Olaya