miércoles, noviembre 23, 2011

Kinda goodbye...

It's been almost 8 years since I decided to start the SEXTANTE project. I had an idea and I wanted to spend some time developing it and, why not, make a living from it. I ended up finding the funding I needed here in Plasencia, so I relocated from my hometown in Madrid and discovered a great city with great people, a small but charming university and the best environment I could dream of to develop what SEXTANTE is now.

I never expected SEXTANTE to grow this big and to have such an impact in my life, and I guess I can't do but thank everyone for these wonderful years.

If this sounds to you like a farewell notice...I am afraid you are right. Although I still love GIS and programming, I feel that time has come for me to do something different, and from January I will not be here anymore and I won't work full-time on SEXTANTE as I have been doing until now. I still plan to do some work, since I do not want to completely abandon SEXTANTE, so I will probably be fixing bugs and making small changes (and maybe adding some entries to this blog...). However, you cannot expect big changes or important new features to be added in the short term. At least, not done by me...but I would love to manage the SEXTANTE developers community and help them improve SEXTANTE if they want to do so.

There is still one month until all this happens, and I am working hard to release a new version with all the current changes and bug fixes. I also hope to make it easier for applications using SEXTANTE to incorporate these changes (gvSIG and gvSIG CE will both be releasing a new version soon...)

I would like to thank you all for being there and supporting SEXTANTE. This incredible time that is now ending for me would have not been the same without your support. And I hope that SEXTANTE will still be alive for a long time thanks to your collaboration, whether you are a user or a developer.