miércoles, octubre 19, 2011

Out of office

I am taking holidays tomorrow...and won't be back until the end of November. Don't worry if you do not see much activity in SEXTANTE during the following weeks. I would have loved to have more time to finish the R interface a bit more...but I will resume working on it as soon as I come back.

I usually do not check my email when I am travelling, so do not expect me to answer email or questions during these days. I hope that the last improvements of SEXTANTE can keep you all busy and having fun during this month :-)

See you all soon!


I have finaly finished a first version of the R-SEXTANTE interface. R algorithms and scripts can now be called from SEXTANTE, as is shown in the next videos:

The first one calls them from gvSIG, while the second one does it from ArcGIS. There are still a couple of additional things to be fixed in ArcGIS, and it won't take loong to do it, but I wanted to upload this notice before going home. I am pretty excited about this new development, since the possibilities of incorporating R in SEXTANTE are almos endless :-)

As you can see, there are just a few algorithms available. Unlike GRASS or SAGA, R algorithms and scripts are not incorporated automatically. Description files have to be created manually. This is very simple to do, and I expect R experts to help us with that (I am not an R expert, just have a very very basic knowledge of it). I have created a few description files as examples, and also created a small manual to document how to do it. You can find it in the documents section of the SEXTANTE website.

I hope you like this new improvement as much as I do.