martes, agosto 30, 2011

SEXTANTE algorithms in the ArcGIS Model Builder

This new video shows how SEXTANTE algorithms can run in the ArcGIS Model Builder. The model is a very simple one, but executes a SAGA algorithm (convergence index) and a native SEXTANTE one (Histogram). Since the result is a histogram chart, it has to be viewed using the SEXTANTE results window, which is now available from an add-in that I developed, which adds a button to open it.

3 comentarios:

Covasnianu Adrian dijo...

Hello! This combination is a "killer". But I don't see/know how to do that in order to have all the Sextante algorithms in ArcGIS.

Need help! :)

Yingqi Tang dijo...

Hi, this is really exciting feature. What is the plan to release this? Is it for ArcGIS 10 or 9.3.1?

volaya dijo...

Works in both 9.3.1 and 10, but in 9.3.1 you need the ArcGIS Engine Java, which must be purchased separately. We got an EDN licence directly from ESRI, since they were giving it for free at the last FOSS4G conference in Barcelona. Otherwise, it is a separate commercial product from ESRI. Version 10 comes with the Java engine incorporated, so there is no need to get any extra product