martes, agosto 30, 2011

SEXTANTE algorithms in the ArcGIS Model Builder

This new video shows how SEXTANTE algorithms can run in the ArcGIS Model Builder. The model is a very simple one, but executes a SAGA algorithm (convergence index) and a native SEXTANTE one (Histogram). Since the result is a histogram chart, it has to be viewed using the SEXTANTE results window, which is now available from an add-in that I developed, which adds a button to open it.

SAGA and GRASS running in ArcGIS through SEXTANTE

Here is another video of SEXTANTE on ArcGIS. This time, I am showing how SAGA and SEXTANTE algorithms can be executed just like native SEXTANTE algorithms. This is completely true for SAGA ones, but I'm having a bit of trouble with GRASS ones, specially vector ones. This is not a GRASS or SEXTANTE problem, but just a problem caused by the strange behaviour of Java when I call the application (SAGA or GRASS) from ArcGIS, since it freezes and I haven't been able to solve it. If I execute a new interpreter (that's why the command line window is shown), it works but it returns the control back to the Java code before the task is finished. All this doesn't happen when calling the, from a pure java application, like OJ or gvSIG, so I have had to rewrite part of the GRASS interface in SEXTANTE. The SAGA one is simpler, so just a minor tweak was needed.

Anyway, I will keep on working on this, but for now SAGA algorithms are fully available, and I hope that GRASS ones will soon be as well.

Both native SEXTANTE algorithms and SAGA/GRASS ones also work within the Model Builder. I am preparing a video about that that I will post soon.

ArcGIS coupled with SEXTANTE SAGA and GRASS is really a powerful geospatial analysis app, bringing together the best of both worlds: propietary and open source. Needless to say, it makes me really happy to see that SEXTANTE is the bonding element responsible for that.

martes, agosto 16, 2011

First video of SEXTANTE for ArcGIS

Here is a first video of SEXTANTE for ArcGIS, so you can see what it is like to access the power of SEXTANTE from the popular ESRI product. I recommend to watch full screen or at least at a larger size then the embedded video, to fully see what is going on in the screen...

As you can see, output results are not added automatically to the view (I haven't figured out how to do it yet...and this is the one single thing that I can't find documentation about...Anyone can help??), but the remaining elements of the SEXTANTE-ArcGIS interaction are already implemented and seem to be working pretty fine.

I still want to do some more testing and solve a few minor issues, but everything is going fine and the next version of SEXTANTE will for sure ship with fully-working ArcGIS bindings

We are all very excited about this development, since it means a big step in the (short but intense) history of SEXTANTE :-)