miércoles, abril 06, 2011


One of the main problems (IMHO) of SEXTANTE is its lack of a comprehensive user documentation. The main reason for that is that writing documentation for each single algorithm is boring (at least, more boring than developing the algorithm itself), and also that my time is limited and I prefer to do other things instead of updating the two versions of the SEXTANTE help currently available: the one in English and the one Spanish.

For this reason, I have just taken the solomonic decision of focusing only in the English documents, and not update the Spanish ones anymore. This full commitment to a single language is something that is needed to end up having a usable documentation, specially considering the small number of people working in the project.

So, in short, from now on there will be no more Spanish in SEXTANTE (except for the string in the software itself). As you can see, this decision affects not only the software, but also other elements such as this blog, which from now on will be written exclusively in english.

Hopefully, someone will help me keep the Spanish help documents (kinda) updated, but if that does not happen, at least we will have good English docs to work with. Of course, still a lot of work has to be done, but somehow I see it easier now to get somewhere, and the task doesn't seem now to me so overwhelming (which, needless to say, encourages me to work more than before)

To help people stay tuned with SEXTANTE, I will also post these entries to the users mailing list. I write just a couple of entries a month, so I guess that it will not be annoying for most of the list subscribers.

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Great Idea! It should help to spread the word ;)